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Noctis Magazine XX - Poppy Cover

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Image of Noctis Magazine XX - Poppy Cover

Noctis XX, our newest issue incorporates virtual reality, digital art using 3D elements to curate an ethereal realm of fashion, beauty, music, and culture. Our vision is to explore new forms of communication and an artistic concept that transcends traditional perceptions and reflects the digital age we live in.

Featuring cover stars Poppy and Ray BLK, July Jones, Grace Carter, Cassyette, HAAi, Drag Syndrome, Natalia Nykiel, Alison Wonderland, Bloom Twins and more.

Poppy Credits:
Photographer - Maria Lax
Creative Direction - Joel Palmer and Theo Maddix and Nicholas Keays
Styling - Emi Papanikola assisted by Maya Rippington and Star Hannah
MUA - Jaimee Rose
Hair - Patrick Papaj and Jess Barber-Cruz
3D Graphics - Nicholas Keays
Interview - Rojan Said

Noctis XX
Founder - Leoni Blue and Erin Davies
Editor in Chief - Genea Bailey
Creative Direction - Joel Palmer
Fashion Editors - Jessica Swanson, Emi Papanikola, Ravi Kelay
Beauty Editor - Lisa Farrall
Features Editor - Karolina Kramplova
Music Editor - Erin Davies
Magazine Design - Otto Triance

Instagram - @noctismagazine
Twitter - @noctismag
Facebook - Noctis Magazine