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Noctis XXI Uprising - THE DIIGITALS Cover

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Image of Noctis XXI Uprising - THE DIIGITALS Cover

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Noctis XXI Uprising - created during unprecedented times, this issue centers on the cultural shift of a post-covid world, rejecting normality, celebrating the rise of a new generation breaking free of tired conventional tradition and taking matters into their own hands.

Featuring virtual models Dagny and Jyung of The Diigitals on the cover.

Production by The Diigitals
3D Visualization, Virtual fashion stylist, Environment design - Tom Lockyer
Featuring digital sculptures by David Lawson
Models Dagny and Jyung created and styled by Cameron-James Wilson
Digital fashion designer - Ada Frolova
Featuring illustration by Sasha Ignatiadou
Garments provided by Virtual Rags
Virtual Fashion Consultant / Brand Manager - Anastasiia Solomko
CEO of Virtual Rags - Artem Shargin
Localisation by Roman Ryabokon
Original Russian Article by Diana Alieva - edited by Anastasiia Solomko, Genéa Bailey and Izabel Rose
Magazine Design - Lucy Ross


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Noctis Magazine Team
Founder and Directors - Leoni Blue and Erin Davies
Editor in Chief - Genea Bailey
Music Editor - Karolina Kramplova
Beauty Editor - Lisa Farrall
Marketing Manager - Deneille Percival
Graphic Designer - Lucy Ross

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