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Based in the culturally diverse East London, Noctis Magazine is a fast-growing online outlet for creative minds.

Launched in September 2011, Noctis Magazine holds the determination to provide artists from all walks of life, with the platform to create something special, something away from the conventions of mainstream media.

With a unique visual library in photography, fashion, art, music and culture, Noctis Magazine epitomises the idea of youth and conveys the desire to be a pure tribute to creative freedom. Endless possibilities and wild dreams are ripe with artistry, and with a new lease of life, and a new way of thinking, imagination is running deep within the roots of humble beginnings.

Noctis Magazine is a tale of two hearts, a tale of two minds coming together to challenge the way we see the world.

Get in touch! www.noctismag.com

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FOUNDER - Erin Davies
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EDITOR IN CHIEF - Genea Bailey
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MUSIC EDITOR - Karolina Kramplova 
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