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Noctis XXI Uprising - MS BANKS Cover

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Image of Noctis XXI Uprising - MS BANKS Cover

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Noctis XXI Uprising - created during unprecedented times, this issue centers on the cultural shift of a post-covid world, rejecting normality, celebrating the rise of a new generation breaking free of tired conventional tradition and taking matters into their own hands.

Featuring talented musician MS BANKS on the cover.

Photographer: Kate Bones
Stylist: Jaime Jarvis
Movement: Chester Hayes
Lighting: Philip Bradley
Makeup Artist: Tahiyah Ali
Hair Stylist: Shanice Cooke
Set Designer: Kate Sutton
Floral Designer: Yan Skates
Retouching: Danielle Painting
Assistant and BTS: Juhong Xia
Interview: Lorna May
Magazine Design: Lucy Ross


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Noctis Magazine Team
Founder and Directors - Leoni Blue and Erin Davies
Editor in Chief - Genea Bailey
Music Editor - Karolina Kramplova
Beauty Editor - Lisa Farrall
Marketing Manager - Deneille Percival
Graphic Designer - Lucy Ross

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